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Last night in Cambridge

Wow, I can’t believe it’s already my last night in Cambridge. And it’s almost been a month since I last posted. But I’ve been traveling! My family came over and met me in Southampton, from where we embarked on a two-week Baltic cruise. My brother then came back to Cambridge with me, and we spent two days here and two days in London. Michael actually arrived in London the same day we got back from the cruise, and came to visit Cambridge the day after I returned from London, when we spontaneously planned our weekend trip to Scotland! So on Friday we woke up around 4AM to catch a flight to Glasgow, to catch a train up to the West Highlands, and then back over to Edinburgh before coming back to London/Cambridge Sunday night. And now it’s Tuesday and my year across the pond is almost over.

Now my backlog of posts is more massive than ever, and I’ll do my best to actually post once I get back to the States just to finish everything up. But for now–farewell, Cambridge. It’s been real.