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View from the Business School


I can’t remember if I’ve mentioned this before, but Easter term at Cambridge is also known exam term, because most undergrads don’t have classes in this last term and just spend all their time studying for their exams.

For my program, Easter term means we’re taking two full-term classes that are crammed into about half a term so that we have four whole days to devote to studying for our math exams. It’s really well planned.

In between reading papers for one class or the other and continuing to put off my research project, I study my math. Which means I spend all day hunched over a desk staring at equations I don’t understand (they make an appearance in the papers we read too 😦 ), while outside is the most beautiful weather I’ve seen here.

So I’ve taken to bringing my camera around with me occasionally because almost every time I don’t, I wish I had it with me. Today I took a break to get some coffee and also played tourist for a few minutes.

I think I was creepily peering into Pembroke College here...

I think I was creepily peering into Pembroke College here…

On Pembroke Street

On Pembroke Street… I think this is the New Museum Site

And after eating dinner, the sunset looked kind of cool so I stepped out to the rooftop gardens and saw this:


I guess sometimes the business school isn’t so bad… now back to my equations.


2 thoughts on “View from the Business School

  1. The color contrast is awesome, especially the last picture! What mode are you shooting in? manual?

    Whenever you mention these “colleges”, I imagine this really really huge campus with several different colleges, each the size of MIT. How big is the total “university”?

  2. I think it was aperture mode, and I turned the exposure down a bit.

    The whole university is scattered throughout the city, if you count all the colleges. The colleges range in size, from about the size of Killian Court to the west side of campus, maybe bigger? A lot of them also have playing fields that I’m not counting because they’re usually a little outside town.

    Here’s a pretty well-labeled map, if you’re interested:

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