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Part III

This afternoon as I was walking to my exam, it struck me that I was about to take a Part III exam. Like a real maths student.

Okay, not a real maths student. A faker, but an official registered faker. Pretty cool, huh? So I faked my way through 3 hours, and I get to do it again on Wednesday!

And the sun finally came out, so after dinner, I wandered around town and took some photos.

IMG_5527 (2)




I’m really glad to be going back to Boston, but I’ve gotta say–it is very pretty here.





— edit: 12:04AM 31 May

All of a sudden, after being on the verge of full-out panic all day… sangfroid. Strange. I think I’m going to go to sleep now.

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The weather was beautiful yesterday and the day before, so I took some short study breaks to go out and take photos in the Newnham gardens.

Do you guys remember learning about Monet and how he always used complementary colors in his landscapes? At the time, I thought he was so strange for painting orange clouds, but now… I see where you’re coming from, Claude.


(Claude, cloud, get it?? :D)

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The silver lining

In case I haven’t whined enough already, this hasn’t been a very happy term. I’m sure I’ve been this stressed before, but maybe I’m getting too old for this or something, because these past weeks have felt particularly bad. Since my birthday usually fell during finals week in college, I’m usually studying and don’t have much time and don’t really want to make a big deal out of it. This year, I had told my classmates in advance that we should just postpone a birthday celebration until we were all done with exams.

But they didn’t listen.



At some point during the year, we had asked around what everyone’s favorite desserts are, and I said strawberry shortcake. None of them knew what I was talking about. But they found a recipe and made them from scratch. And I’m not a little dismayed to say that I think they’re better than the ones I make…

group pic in the rooftop garden of JBS

group pic in the rooftop garden of JBS

They also made apple crumble for another classmate whose birthday was last week, and though they all say they’re not bakers, that was amazing too.

To put this in perspective, more than half of our marks will be decided in the next month or so. This includes two math exams, a research project, a term paper, a reviewer’s report, and a handful of proofs. So, I really have the best classmates 🙂

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Essmart Global

Taking a break from our regularly scheduled programming to plug Essmart!

Diana, one of my good friends from undergrad, has been working on developing a global supply chain to deliver goods to shops in India (more info here:

They’re crowdsourcing funding to open up their second hub, and I think it is super exciting how successful they have been! Please consider donating here: