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Oxford-Cambridge Boat Race


Every year around Easter, the Oxford (aka the Dark Blues) and Cambridge (aka the Light Blues) rowing teams race on the Thames in London. And it was this Sunday!

I decided pretty late on Saturday to go see it, and I didn’t realize there was construction on one of the train tracks, so I got to Hammersmith Bridge (about the halfway mark on the race) just in time to see the boats go by. There was about two seconds of excitement as the boats sped past, and then they were gone! It is amazing how quickly they go…

I didn’t get any pictures of the boats, but here’s a shot of the crowds at Furnivall Gardens, just to prove I was there 😛


Oxford won, but it was fun to be there anyways! If you want, there is more info on the race and history and stuff at


3 thoughts on “Oxford-Cambridge Boat Race

  1. I’m probably just fooling myself because you mentioned Cambridge, but this picture me reminds me of looking at the Charles River from the Boston side.

  2. Yes! The boat house and the building behind the brick condos on the right totally look like MIT.

  3. Yeah definitely! It’s also having development set against a rocky river and semi-cloudy sky, but I guess that applies to many cities, haha.

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