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A year in the other Cambridge


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This week has turned out to be crazier than I thought it would be. One of my classmates and I started a schedule of studying for our various classes, and I’ve been 1.5-2 hours late both yesterday and today… Also, I had a good meeting for my research project but have so much to do coming out of it, and a visiting PhD student who’s been taking classes and hanging out with us since October is leaving next week so we’re doing a farewell dinner for her tomorrow.

But most importantly–I’m going to Paris this weekend!! Grace and I are going to take the Eurostar and meet Changy there, and I am super excited to get out of Cambridge and do some European sightseeing!

Anyways, before that happens, I’ve got an interview, two seminars, a farewell dinner, a class, project work to do, and 6 papers to read. And packing! It’s going to be a fun couple days… and then the real fun will start. Next post will probably include tons of French photos! (it’s alliterative… kind of)

I will leave you with this video, which is so well done. And just needs to be watched.


One thought on “Wah!

  1. Jealous. Hope you had fun in Paris!

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