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Cookies! Ravens!

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The Super Bowl is tomorrow, and I am super excited to see the Ray-vens play!! Even though it starts at 11pm here, I’m having a little viewing party with my classmates. And what’s a Super Bowl party without snacks? Tomorrow, I’m making guacamole and buffalo wings to go along with the chips and salsa and pizza that I’ve bought, but today, I made cookies. Oatmeal raisin chocolate chip cookies, to be precise. Because they’re PURPLE and BLACK. 😀

This endeavo(u)r was slightly complicated by my lack of baking supplies and also being in a country with different measurements and package sizes (butter comes in 250g packages, which is 1.089 cups), which meant lots of estimating and… mixing with a spoon. By hand.


Does this count for getfit minutes?

It also meant figuring out how to use an oven with lots of symbols I’d never seen before. As far as I can tell, it is both a convection and a non-convection oven, and there are a couple more settings too. Needless to say, the actual baking was a bit of an adventure. My first two batches were… interesting. They spread way too thin, and I managed to burn and undercook at the same time.


(top) burnt and undercooked cookies
(bottom) slightly improved 2nd batch, still strangely melted

Thanks to some trial and error and a really cold freezer, I managed to turn out some acceptable looking cookies.


(I love the lighting in the kitchen, makes for such good food photos!)

So cookies are done, and there’s just a bit more prep to be done food-wise. I’ve even managed to secure bottles of American beer, so I’m all ready to watch the Ravens tomorrow!!



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