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I just got a package from Taiwan, thanks to Papa and Mama Chen! 😀



now I’ve got snacks for the next… three days or so. Maybe two. 😛

Paris post to come soon! Trying to catch up on work first!


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Photo Collage

Okay, I’m going to post before going to Paris after all… This is the collage I made for Sandra’s farewell, and I think it’s a pretty good representation of the past few months 🙂


Have a good weekend, everyone!!

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This week has turned out to be crazier than I thought it would be. One of my classmates and I started a schedule of studying for our various classes, and I’ve been 1.5-2 hours late both yesterday and today… Also, I had a good meeting for my research project but have so much to do coming out of it, and a visiting PhD student who’s been taking classes and hanging out with us since October is leaving next week so we’re doing a farewell dinner for her tomorrow.

But most importantly–I’m going to Paris this weekend!! Grace and I are going to take the Eurostar and meet Changy there, and I am super excited to get out of Cambridge and do some European sightseeing!

Anyways, before that happens, I’ve got an interview, two seminars, a farewell dinner, a class, project work to do, and 6 papers to read. And packing! It’s going to be a fun couple days… and then the real fun will start. Next post will probably include tons of French photos! (it’s alliterative… kind of)

I will leave you with this video, which is so well done. And just needs to be watched.



Today I read a paper. Yes, singular. I was at the business school from 1pm to 1am, and aside from a video chat and dinner, that is all I did. And it wasn’t just any paper, but a paper that was presented by one of my lecturers last Thursday, at a seminar that I missed because I had a test that afternoon. So it really wasn’t pressing (and many other things are), but I had said that I would respond with comments over the weekend because I felt bad for not attending the seminar, so I read the paper, and that was all I did today.

I kind of feel like it wasn’t a good use of time, because I now have 4 papers to read tomorrow for a class on Monday. Although I am glad that I read the paper when I said I would… I don’t know. Bleh.

In other news, the SUN was out today, and it was WARM! (Well, like 50. I’ll take what I can get.) When the sun appeared on Thursday, I almost didn’t know what was happening. And today I felt like I needed sunglasses… what? I hope this means spring is coming, and I am so excited!


check out those gloriously FLUFFY clouds!

And now, some fun links!

May Week (and the May Balls during it) are a big deal here in Cambridge. This is a really clever post about a girl’s quest for tickets to a May Ball:

Also, DOG: Just try not to smile.

And last but not least… a text from my bestie!


…did I really just use the word “bestie”? Just because I call every night does not best friends make, okay, Pizza Hut?

For those of you who are silly enough to be concerned… no, I do not actually eat Pizza Hut every night.

Sometimes I get Domino’s.

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Twilight at the Museums

I don’t know if this is a annual thing or what, but tonight the museums in Cambridge did an event called Twilight at the Museums, where they all had things going on when the sun set (i.e. at 4:30pm).  I spent my evening studying for a midterm tomorrow, but luckily the business school is right across the street from the Fitzwilliam Museum. I brought my camera with me and got a few shots of the light show that was projected on the building before the snow and the cold drove me back inside.


Also, since I had lugged my DSLR all that way, I figured I ought to share how I usually see the business school: in the dark.


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Holiday + Packages = Fun!

So Chinese New Year was yesterday, and my classmates helped me celebrate in style. Besides the New Year’s Eve feast that we had, I got a calligraphy poster that is now hanging on my door…


…and a hongbao (red envelope) wishing me a happy new year, school acceptances, and good health!


I got to Skype with (most of) the fam! no Mom 😦 but still, not bad for an impromptu video chat across three continents!

Hi Grandma! :)

Hi Grandma! 🙂

And if that weren’t enough, this week I got NOT ONE, BUT TWO packages (!!) in the mail! And not only that, they both contained the most delicious home-baked goods! Thank you so much, Long and Shen! ❤

look at that fancy packaging!

look at that fancy personalized packaging!

you're lucky it occurred to me to take a quick photo before devouring the last one...

you’re lucky it occurred to me to take a quick photo before devouring the last one…


this box came HEAVY and full of goodies! snickerdoodle biscotti...

this box came HEAVY and full of goodies! snickerdoodle biscotti…

...and now I have my very own tin of Old Bay!!

…and now I have my very own tin of Old Bay!!

If this weekend was any indication, this should be a pretty darn awesome Year of the Snake! 🙂

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Happy Chinese New Year! Today I cooked a Chinese New Year’s eve dinner with some of my classmates, and it was super fun! But Chinese groceries are expensive here… I miss Chinatown supermarkets.

Anyways, I hope you’re all having a wonderful holiday and eating some delicious food! Wishing you all a fabulous year of the snake!