Across the Pond

A year in the other Cambridge



I woke up today at 12:00pm and decided since that’s really 7:00am EST, I could go back to sleep. That argument seems less legit at 2:00pm though, which is when I actually got up.

Still, I managed to get all sorts of errands done today in the 2 hours of daylight I was awake for. I checked in at the Tutorial Office so that they won’t report me to the Border Agency, and I stocked up on snacks so that I won’t go hungry tonight!

And… I should probably start studying now.


2 thoughts on “Jet Lag Day 1: MASSIVE FAIL

  1. Nah, the first week after a break is less about studying and more about catching up with folks and trading stories that happened over the break. — lessons from a procrastinator

  2. Only problem is that’s hard to do if you’re awake when no one else is 😛

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