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A year in the other Cambridge



After more than 6 years, I guess moving to a different country finally did the trick.

They have national health care here, but I think I’d still rather be somewhere where I don’t need it…


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Guy Fawkes Day

The 5th of November is Guy Fawkes Day (aka Bonfire Night) in the UK, when they celebrate the foiling of the Gunpowder Plot, a plot to kill the king, and subsequent burning of one of the perpetrators, Guy Fawkes. (See the Wikipedia article for more info)

The origin of the celebration is rather morbid, but every year it’s celebrated with a bonfire, festival, and fireworks! I went tonight with a couple of my classmates 🙂

Lots of carnival rides and lots of people trudging through the mud and dirt (it rained all day yesterday.. of course.)

My friend and I got fresh hot doughnuts which were so so tasty! I guess it’s the equivalent of funnel cake at county fairs?

And now for more fireworks pictures than anyone really needs to see…