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Pictures of my room


Okay, trying to work my way through my backlog of pictures… Here are some from my room right after I unpacked everything and cleaned up! I don’t think it will return to this state again. 😛

here’s the door-side of my room. I live on the top floor, so my room has this cool slanted ceiling from the roof!

sink (!), closet, bulletin board, and bed (with Charlie!)

to the window! Everything in my room has to be fire-proofed… including the window shades.

But the best part is…

the view! There are lots of tree and Ridley Hall! (and on that particular afternoon, a rainbow!)


3 thoughts on “Pictures of my room

  1. Green slippers?! What happened to your signature white slippers!

  2. hahaha, they got old, so they’ve been replaced 😦

  3. so exciting anizz!!! loving all your posts!

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