Across the Pond

A year in the other Cambridge



I just matriculated into Newnham College and Cambridge University! WHOO 😀

What that pretty much involves is signing a big book that every Newnhamite ever has signed, and then signing a piece of paper for the university. And now I’m just waiting for drinks and the Graduate Feast (which should be pretty spectacular) and then more drinks!

And two of my classmates’ birthdays are tomorrow, so we’re all planning to go out for dinner, which should be good fun 🙂 And we’re going to a Chinese restaurant! Yay!

And some fuzzy pictures from my camera phone…

Sidgwick Dining Hall full of Newnham grad students, new and old

A mint embossed with my college crest



2 thoughts on “Matriculation

  1. Those candles look terrifyingly easy to knock over… good thing your room is fireproof at least

  2. especially with all the wine they were feeding us, hahaha. even my friends who didn’t want wine got wine! luckily there’s a fire door like every 5 ft, so plenty of time to escape… 😛

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