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I want apple cider

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Seriously, it’s fall. Why isn’t warm spiced apple cider falling in BUCKETS from the sky in nice environmentally mugs that I can take to class with me? Google searches have not been fruitful. (hardy har har) If I don’t find some soon, my opinion of this country may plummet. I’ll give it a little more time until I can consult a local.

In other news, yesterday I finally learned that fairy cakes are what Brits call cupcakes! Tonight I learned that is not true. Fairy cakes are actually even smaller than cupcakes, and cupcakes do still exist.

On the home front, the O’s lost their first game to the Yankees… but it’s the first of five, so it’s not over yet.

And since this post has been rather maudlin (it must be the weather… cold and rainy), good news! I talked to my program supervisor today, and he seems perfectly content with the classes that I’d like to take for electives. Yay! On the other hand, this also means I will have class at 9am on Saturdays for the rest of term. But that’s really only 7 more weeks. Yay!


One thought on “I want apple cider

  1. I blame the internet–we are prisoners of technology. Schools think they can impose Saturday morning classes because Saturday morning cartoons are now so easy to watch anytime online.

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