Across the Pond

A year in the other Cambridge

Little Pleasures

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There are so many things that I never considered wouldn’t be around, that I now get unreasonably excited when something is the same as it is in the States.

For example, Grooveshark works! (Hulu doesn’t 😦 )

Despite what my elementary and middle school teachers told me, the Brits still use the Imperial measurement system, which means miles and inches and pounds and pints that I don’t need to do mental math to understand!

And some other things that never used to be everyday occurrences…

  • Making it inside just before it starts raining (again)!
  • Walking by beautiful old old old buildings along cobblestone roads… I feel like I’m in Harry Potter all day, except without the wands and broomsticks!
  • Learning new meanings for words, and new words for meanings… for example, proctors are called invigilators here. Doesn’t that sound like something out of Batman?! I think having an invigilator proctor my exam would really mess with my concentration.



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